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const $element = document.querySelector('.js-tabs');
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Selection doesn't automatically follow focus and hash option is disabled

{ delay: false, hash: false }

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Selection automatically follow focus (thanks to delay option) and hash option is enabled

{ delay: 300, hash: true }

Both worker and warrior ants fight. If a warrior manages to bite, it also tries to sting for 3d4 points damage. A successful save reduces damage to 1d4. The queen has 10 HD but does not move or fight.


The galeb duhr is a curious boulder-like creature with appendages that act as hands and feet. These intelligent beings are very large and slow-moving. They live in rocky or mountainous areas where they can feel the earth power and control the rocks around them.

A typical galeb duhr is from 8 to 12 feet tall. When not moving it looks like part of the terrain it lives in.